1mm Pixel LED Tile

1mm LED pixel

LED Cabinet 1.27mm

LED Screen indoor


LED cabinet 1mm pixel

the 1mm LED panel combines the latest innovations in ultra-high resolution LED technology with all the requirements for a robust and intuitive rental product.
Despite a pixel pitch of just 1.2 mm, Ultrafine LED is extremely impact resistant thanks to IMD technology and also achieves a brightness that is much higher than that of conventional 1.2 mm products.

The reason for this is the so-called Flip Chip technology, which guarantees a 100% light yield of the LED chip an thus an enormous efficiency.
In addition, the brightness can be increased by Dynamic Calibration, one of many useful features of the intuitive Brompton Tessera software.


Pixel pitch: 1.27mm

Pixels per module: 480x 270

Viewing Angle: 160°(H) | 160°(V)

Cabinet size: 610 x 343 x 80 mm

Weight per module: 9.2 kg

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Unilumin upad

Unilumin UPAD Rental

LED Cabinet 2.6mm

LED Screen indoor


Unilumin UPAD LED Screen

The Unilumin UPAD III is an indoor LED video wall panel that is designed for use in professional video displays. The panel features a high-quality, fine-pitch LED display with a pixel pitch of 2.6mm, which results in a high level of detail and image clarity. Additionally, it features a wide viewing angle, high brightness, and a wide color gamut, making it ideal for use in high-end video displays.

If you’re looking to create a large video wall, the UPAD III also has a modular design, which allows it to be easily assembled into large-scale displays.

It is suitable for events that require high-quality and high-resolution video displays such as conferences, broadcasts, and live events.


Pixel pitch: 2.6mm

Pixels per module: 192x 192 

Viewing Angle: 140°(H) | 120°(V)

Cabinet size: 500x 500 x90.6 mm

Weight per module: 9 kg

Curve: (Outer) -5 degrees, (Inner) +10 degrees

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Outdoor LED Screen

Outdoor LED Wall hire

LED Cabinet 4.8mm

LED Screen outdoor


Outdoor LED Module

Our FlexLite LED range offers remarkable flexibility, capable of curving up to a maximum of 90 degrees concave and 14 degrees convex, enabling the creation of imaginative shapes such as full circular LED screens, tunnels, cubes, corners, and more.

Featuring black-faced SMD LEDs and a black surface mask, the FlexLite boasts superior contrast compared to many other screen options, resulting in clearer and more colorful images.

Crafted with advanced materials including carbon fiber and magnesium alloys, the FlexLite is optimally designed for aerial installation, keeping overall weight to a minimum.

Unlike many other creative LED panels that typically have low resolution, our FlexLite boasts a 2.88mm pixel pitch, delivering an impressive 120,178 pixels per square meter.


Pixel pitch: 4.8mm

Pixels per module: 104 x 104 

Viewing Angle: 140°(H) | 140°(V)

Cabinet size: 500 x 500 x 75 mm

Weight per module: 8.5 kg

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