LED Cabinet 3,9mm

LED Screen indoor /outdoor


Outdoor LED Panel 3mm

P3mm LED is our revolutionary high-resolution outdoor LED screen. If you seek the best for your outdoor event, look no further. With an astounding 65,536 pixels per square meter, it is perfect for indoor/outdoor sports events, where resolution and high brightness are vital.

Built on the same unique cabinet design as the rest of our V-Lite range, it is compact, slim, and lightweight at 500mm x 500mm and 75mm deep. This allows for flexible screen solutions in situations where space constraints are a concern. Additionally, this Outdoor LED screen is fan-less, ensuring it produces zero noise.


Pixel pitch: 3.91mm

Pixels per module: 128 x 128 

Viewing Angle: 140°(H) | 140°(V)

Cabinet size: 500 x 500 x 100 mm

Weight per module: 10 kg

If you're interested in renting an outdoor LED Video Wall, feel free to contact us.